About FogIt: The only detailing product for odor elimination

The FogIt™ odor elimination product was developed in the early 2000’s by Dr. Darin O’Brien, who holds a Doctorate in Bio Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics. After experiencing the shortcomings of other so-called auto odor elimination products on the market, Dr. O’Brien set out to develop a new approach to a detailing product for odor elimination that is specifically designed and optimized for treating automobiles during the detailing process. The result is the most effective and efficient, industrial strength, odor-eliminating kit for treating the toughest automotive odors: the A-200PRO kit.

The FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit is the ideal detailing product for odor elimination for professional detailers and automotive dealers. Dr. O’Brien’s unique formula uses a chemical reaction to create a “fog” inside vehicles that attacks and destroys offending odors. What makes the FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit unique is that it is not a masking agent. Our product does not “cover up” the odors with other scents or smells—you won’t find “Spring Air” or other scents to choose from. FogIt™ simply treats the source of the odor in vehicles and permanently removes the cause…“FogIt and Forget It!”

The mission of FogIt™ is to be the leader in permanent odor elimination products, designed to meet the needs of the automotive industry.

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