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The FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit works. But we are sure you have questions, like How does FogIt™ work to effectively as a cigarette smell removal product? Click on the most commonly asked questions below to learn more about FogIt™ and how the product works, what it works on, and how you can become part of the FogIt™ family.

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For especially smelly cars, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment.

The A-200PRO kit was designed specifically for automobiles; however, it can also be used for odor elimination in any enclosed space.  The kit will effectively treat most odors in automobiles.  Larger spaces may require additional kits to generate adequate concentrations of chlorine dioxide gas.

Each kit comes with its own set of detailed instructions. You can also download them by clicking HERE.

The chlorine dioxide gas is a potential health hazard.  You should avoid direct contact with the tablets.  You should also avoid any contact with the gas which can be extremely irritating and potentially deadly.  The chemical reaction starts immediately upon the addition of water.  Therefore, it is critical that you get out of the car immediately upon the addition of water and close the door.  This will avoid personal exposure to the gas and help ensure maximum effectiveness of the kit by containing the gas inside the vehicle.

After treating the car (1 hour minimum), the tin container will contain a residual yellow-colored liquid.  The residual liquid can be safely diluted with water and poured down the drain.

Upon addition of the water, the chemical reaction will begin almost immediately.  Exit the vehicle and shut the door.  At that point you can look inside the vehicle to see bubbling inside the tin reaction container.  This indicates the release of Chlorine Dioxide gas.  Note that the gas may NOT be visible inside the car.  This is normal.  Again, do NOT open car door during the 1 hour treatment time.  Upon completion of the treatment, the liquid inside the container will be orange colored.

The A-200PRO kit is especially affective against cigarette odors.  It is also affective against a broad range of other odors, including mold, mildew, pet stains, vomit and skunk spray.  Please note that we have special instructions for treating mold, mildew and pet stains.

  • Click HERE to download the standard instructions.
  • Click HERE to download the instructions for mold, mildew and pet stains.

The A-200PRO kit was designed contains tablets consisting of a proprietary formulation optimized for the rapid generation of chlorine dioxide gas.  Upon the addition of water to the tablets, a chemical reaction results in the creation of chlorine dioxide gas.  The chlorine dioxide gas then attacks odor-causing molecules and destroys them permanently.