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ATTACK and PERMANENTLY DESTROY odors in your automobile.

Developed specifically for Auto Dealers and Detail Professionals. Not available for consumer use.
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FogIt: Your source for odor elimination in vehicles!

Do you have overpowering cigarette smoke in a vehicle you’re trying to sell? Tired of expensive odor removal products that simply mask the smell? Looking to cut down on your detailing time to turn more profit? Then look no more–FogIt™ A-200PRO™ destroys any odor…permanently!

The FogIt™ A-200PRO™ odor elimination kit for vehicles is simply the strongest, fastest, and most effective odor removal product ever developed for the automotive market.

Developed by Darin O’Brien, Ph.D, the FogIt™ A-200PRO™ odor elimination kit for vehicles is used by thousands of automotive dealers and detail shops nationwide. A simple 5-minute prep and 1-hour treatment destroys odors on contact. The FogIt™ A-200PRO™ kit includes everything you need to quickly ATTACK and DESTROY odor-causing molecules using a chemical reaction that rids cars of odors–simply and effectively. FogIt™ doesn’t just mask odors–it removes them!

FogIt™ is only available to automotive dealerships and professional detail shops. At this time, FogIt™ odor elimination for vehicles is not for individual consumer use.

FogIt™ A-200PRO Odor Elimination for Vehicles

      • EASY. Just a 5 minute prep time!
      • FASTER. Short 1-hour treatment time (vs. 4 hours for other kits)!
      • STRONGER. 8x the strength of other kits.
      • MORE EFFECTIVE. Destroys a wide variety of odors (cigarette smoke, etc.).
      • SAVES TIME AND MONEY. Permanently destroys (not just temporarily masks) odors, decreases detail time, and increases the value of the car and makes it easier to sell!

What Clients Say

Thanks for the great product and service. Since taking on the FogIt line, we have had most of our customers switch from a similar product to yours and are very happy that they switched. The feedback that we have heard from them is that FogIt is a more complete solution for the toughest odors that they are encountering. Once they try it, the reorders are automatic–the private labeling is a big plus. Keep up the good work!
Todd Salter, DSI Automotive Products

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